Help / FAQs

Please see some Frequently asked questions below:

1: What is Immigration?

Immigration is the act of coming to a foreign country to live. Throughout history, people have moved from country to country for many reasons. Many immigrants have an easier adjustment if they settle near others from their homeland. Through the years, a number of large cities have developed ethnic neighborhoods, many of whose residents are immigrants from the same country.

2: Why does Australia and New Zealand require immigrants?

Australia and New Zealand are young and dynamic countries where immigration is the foundation for economic growth. They invite immigrants between the ages of 18 and 44 as there is a growing demand for skilled personnel (Professionals/Trades persons) to join the work force. Since they are unable to meet this requirement within their country, the Governments of these countries have promulgated a policy which allows the citizens of the world to settle permanently and partake of the economic growth and prosperity of their country.

3: Do I need a visa for the UK?

All Pakistani nationals, need to obtain a visa before traveling to the UK.

4: Can my friend or family member in the UK apply for my visa for me?

Visas for the UK can be issued only at UK entry clearance offices overseas. If you need a visa, you must get it before you travel to the UK. See Information for Sponsors for more information.

5: Can somebody else apply for a visa for me?

Yes, at a UK visa office overseas, but you must sign the application form personally to show that the information given on it is true and accurate. Giving false or misleading information, or failing to give important relevant information on an entry clearance application form, or to an entry clearance officer, can be reason for an application to be refused.

6: What if I don't understand English?

At many visa offices, application forms are also available in the main language(s) of that country. There will always be staff available at the office able to speak that language(s).

7: Can I come to live permanently in the UK?

If you are not a British or European Economic Area (EEA) national and you wish to settle permanently in the UK, you must qualify under the Immigration Rules and must obtain an entry clearance before you travel to the UK. For more information, see our guidance notes.